Interesting Themes for your P.E Lesson

Physical education plays an important role in the development of children. It keeps them mentally alert in addition to improving their physical performance. Here is a list of some interesting pe planning ideas for your lesson. Your pe planning can involve using themes in your games to make your session more engaging.

  1. Halloween - This is a great theme to implement in the month of October. This includes Halloween-themed games and activities such as the Witches Cauldron, Halloween candy relay, and zombie tag. This can make an otherwise mundane game much more interesting and fun for your kids. The theme makes them more engaged in the game and therefore obtain all the benefits of exercise.
  2. Cars - Another option is a car themed physical education lesson plan. Cars excite most children especially due to popular videogames. Creating a lesson plan that uses car terminology can be a lot of fun for your students. Examples of games that are suitable include bumper cars and hula-hoop car road trip. These games involve the children pretending that they are cars and is quite engaging for kindergarten kids.
  3. Animals - There are numerous animal themes used in games and activities. Your students should enjoy these games, as they are quite simple but very competitive. They can include monkey tag and catch the snake’s tail. Making your lesson into a fun game ensures that all the students can partake regardless of their physical condition.
  4. Fantasy - The fantasy theme is highly popular especially for a younger audience. Fighting dragons and saving princesses is a part of every child’s imagination and can be used to increase their interest in physical activity. Fantasy themes also allow you to be as creative as possible. Remember that even though it should be fun, it must also improve the physical performance of the kids.